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Wheel Alignment While You Wait

Wheel alignment, or tracking, is the position of your wheels, and it’s important that they are in the correct position. If your wheels aren’t positioned properly then your tyres will wear quicker and your grip or handle on the road can be seriously affected.

It’s very easy for your wheels to become misaligned, but luckily it’s a simple and quick job for our trained technicians to put right. Something as simple as hitting a kerb or going over a pothole can knock the alignment of your wheels off and cause you some serious problems. Wheel alignment can be done while you wait and our technicians will have the job done in around an hour.

Erith’s Wheel and Tyre Specialist Ideally, you should have your wheel alignment checked every three to four months to make sure that they are still positioned correctly. When you come to CSP Autos for alignment services, we have the correct equipment and technology to make check your wheels and align them if required.

Wheel alignment is all about the angle and tilt of your wheel, which should both be in a position in line with your manufacturer’s specifications. If your wheels are described as ‘toe in’ or ‘out’ then the angle of the wheel is wrong and they are sitting too far in or out. A negative or positive camber means that your wheels are tilted incorrectly and need to be repositioned.

We’re specialists in the area when it comes to wheel alignment. We’ll check your wheels and align them to meet your car’s specifications so that you can make the most of your tyres. Your safety is our top priority, so we always complete the job thoroughly and will only do work if it’s needed.

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It’s easy to book an appointment with us here at CSP Autos. Our friendly team are here six days a week to book appointments over the phone or you can use our online booking system which is available 24/7. You can book your wheel alignment checks online and even get an instant quote for the work – so you always know what you need to pay.

Our staff are recognised for their honesty and hard work, which is why we’re so popular in Erith. When you visit us to have your wheels realigned, our technicians will check the condition of your tyres, their position and if they need to be realigned or replaced. We’ll explain what additional work is required, if any, and will always get your approval before we start.

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