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When you have a problem with your car, it can be difficult to diagnose the problem especially if you can’t see what the issue is. This is where diagnostic tests can prove invaluable, as we can find the fault without having to rip your car apart. Our diagnostic tests are affordable and conducted quickly and efficiently to find your problem and get it sorted. You can book an appointment online for us to check your car. We’re open six days a week so you can pick a time that suits you.

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Diagnostic Testing in Erith

You need a diagnostic test when a warning light flashes on your dashboard. Your engine control unit (ECU) is connected to sensors all around your car and can detect a number of issues from worn brake pads to an engine management problem. Your car’s manual will provide you with a basic description of the warning light, but it needs to be properly inspected by a professional who will diagnose the problem correctly.

At CSP Autos our technicians are trained to read and understand faults from all different makes and models. We have top of the range diagnostic equipment, which is found in main dealer garages, however, our diagnostic prices are much more affordable.

Once you’ve booked an appointment for us to run a diagnostic test, we’ll connect your car’s ECU to our testing machine. This will then read the faults and let our technicians know where the problem is. We’ll inspect the problem and then provide you with a quote to repair the issue and turn the warning light off.

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When you ask us to diagnose the problem, we’ll never do the repair without your permission. You will always receive a quote that details the work and timescale for the repair and we’ll ask you to approve the cost before we begin. If you have any questions at any point during the diagnostic test or repair, our technicians will be happy to answer these and put your mind at rest.

When we do repairs for you after a diagnostic test, we use high-quality parts that match the car’s specifications. These will always come with a warranty for that extra peace of mind. We also will always turn off the warning light once the issue is resolved, so that if you do run into any further issues then it will come back on.

It’s important to not ignore a warning light, as doing this can lead to further problems. What may start out as a minor issue, can quickly grow if it’s not diagnosed and repaired. Try to book an appointment to see a specialist as soon as you can to avoid this.

Our online booking system is easy to use and lets you check availability to find an appointment that suits you. Book an appointment online 24/7 to see one of our diagnostic specialists in Erith today.

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